$49 (tax included), 50 minutes.

Basic spa pedicure with detailed grooming when time is of the essence and a polished look is essential. 

Pedicure in

Port Clinton

Add-On Service

Brow Wax $12

Lip Wax $8

Drift Away in the pedicure chair !

Spa Pedicures

By Appointment Only

Pedicure in Catawba Island

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Spa Pedicure!


Alison Perlaky

Drift Away's Best Selling Pedicure!!!

Extra 20 minutes for only $10 more!


$59 (tax included), 70 minutes.

Relax and Recline! More than an hour of Signature spa pedicure service that is customized just for the Pedicure Aficionado in you. A luxe, European-style pedicure complete with detailed grooming, exfoliating scrub, warming neck and foot wraps, and a specialized leg and foot massage you can't get anywhere else. Feel free to luxuriate in a hydrotherapy, chromotherapy pipeless footbath while you read a book or magazine, take a nap in a leather reclining chair, or just have some quiet, private "me" time.

Spa Pedicures by Appointment

Drift Away Studio Pedicures 

Pedicure in Lakeside Marblehead

SurroundYourself with

Art Piece & Quiet 

Pedicures include alone time in a quiet, private pedicure suite; a swiveled, full 150 degrees leather recliner; hydrotherapy & chromotherapy pipeless footbath; warm neck packs and foot wraps; blankets; and most importantly, personalized service from your very own pedicurist who cares about you and your health, down to every last detail.

​Alison Perlaky, pedicurist & esthetician, 12+ yrs. experience, Specializing in Luxe Spa Pedicures. Port Clinton, Catawba Island, & Lakeside Marblehead. By Appt.

Think of it as Alison Perlaky, Pedicurist at your Service!